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The Vapor Trapper can be easily mounted using two 2-1/2” clamps put in line with your fuel tank vent line. Use #6 AN O-ring Boss fitting (barb fittings with a rubber fuel hose or a threaded AN fitting for a more custom installation). Make sure to install the Vapor Trapper, or at least the inlet line, far above the fuel tank (recommended minimum 8") to avoid liquid fuel getting into the filter. Fuel getting into the Charcoal media drastically reduces the performance of this product. If this occurs, please contact us so we can recharge your Vapor Trapper. When possible, we recommend installing the 8" version simply because it holds more charcoal media to maximize longevity. The 6" was primarily designed for applications where the 8" would not fit. Both sizes are equally effective in reducing fuel vapor smell.


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All parts come with a lifetime warranty. If you encounter any problems with your Vapor Trapper, please contact us for service, replacement, or to find a solution that leaves you 100% satisfied.

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Our customers are a creative bunch and have managed to install Vapor Trappers for all types of purposes overcoming all types of obstacles. The optimal fitting size that threads into the Vapor Trapper is a -6ORB (O-ring Boss), when unavailable a -6 AN fitting usually suffices as it is just "air" flowing through. (-6 is a 3/8" size, 9/16-18 thread, 9/16 male O.D. and 17/32 female I.D.). The fittings we carry in stock have are -6ORB to 3/8" hose barb, for 3/8" hose, which we recommend. If you're applications demands a sized up or sized down fuel hose it is best practice to either use the specialized fittings from, Amazon, etc, OR use a fitting thread adapter (AKA a -6ORB to -4, then -4 to 1/4").

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This product is NOT intended to be emissions compliant or to be used to replace factory emissions equipment on any vehicle requiring them. All responsibility for safe installation and maintenance of this product is the purchaser's responsibility.

Vapor Trapper 56 GMC Layout Video

Vapor Trapper 68 Cougar Install Video

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