The Vapor Trapper

Made in USA | Easy Installation | Lifetime Warranty

The Vapor Trapper is the only rechargeable charcoal vapor canister specifically developed for the vintage car, truck, and hotrod market! This product will greatly reduce/eliminate the raw fuel smell that comes from your fuel cell vent lines. The Vapor Trapper is easy to install and comes with a lifetime warranty. Made with 6061 Billet Aluminum to last the lifetime of your vehicle, our time-tested design is rechargeable, so you never need to re-fit a different style filter in the future. The Vapor Trapper is a charcoal fuel vapor canister designed to be easily retrofitted into your vintage car or truck, or even your boat, to finally rid your garage or storage of that dangerous and annoying gas smell. The Vapor Trapper is made 100% in the USA and is manufactured and assembled in Arizona! It works!

The Vapor Trapper

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Every Vehicle NEEDS This Product | No More Smelly Garage

Vapor Trapper Informational Video

Vapor Trapper - 56 GMC Layout for install

1968 Mercury Cougar VT Install

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